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14 min read By Caitlin Delaney

Does 40 seconds of Compassionate Care make A meaningful difference?

Caitlin Delaney of CareFully explains how 40 extra seconds of compassionate care helps in Aged Care, her Compassionate...

3 min read By James Stack

AnglicareSA rethinks Dementia Care with Microlearning App


AnglicareSA has a highly skilled dedicated workforce capable of delivering exceptional quality care to...

4 min read By James Stack

Five reasons why microlearning improves company culture

With company culture being a key factor in employee retention, employers are increasingly mindful of implementing...

4 min read By James Stack

How to measure knowledge retention

Picture this: you invest thousands of dollars in staff training and development. You hope what staff learn is retained...

4 min read By James Stack

Microlearning vs traditional learning: what are the differences

How many of us remember exactly what we learnt in school or in college? We might remember pivotal moments like the...

6 min read By James Stack

Little and Often - Consistent Chunking

In our last blog, we presented three core principles that serve as anchor points for best practice digital learning....

5 min read By James Stack

Microlearning. The superpower your business needs.

Right now your training consulting business is Clark Kent. Hard-working, reliable and trustworthy. But what if we told...

3 min read By James Stack

Build a daily Microlearning habit

Over the last few years, like many in corporate HR, I've been drawn to Josh Bersin's research and insights. He has...

6 min read By James Stack

Microlearning. A timely solution to an age-old problem.

In October 2019, the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety interim report shone a spotlight on some of...

3 min read By James Stack

3 Hacks to Ensure Digital Learning Bridges Gaps

Digital learning, those experiences supported by technology connected to the internet, can just as easily add barriers...

2 min read By James Stack

The App that makes learning a daily priority

Microlearning can help your organization build a workforce that is consistently ready for the ever-changing...